Gina Fox - Press

"Whether she is performing with or writing songs for Dennis Gruenling & Jump Time, or for her own group “The Gina Fox Band”, she continues to build a growing fan base that appreciates her unique and formidable talents."

Backbender Records

"Gina Fox is a great Blues singer with a beautifully expressive voice! Gina diverges from her roots in roots music and swings gently and sexily into the world of the crooners with this disc . For those of you who appreciate the Great American Songbook and who have appreciated the blues artists who have dived into that Songbook with gusto, this CD is for you."

Steve Jones, Crossroads Blues Society

"If you know who I'm talking about by Just using these ladies first names - ELLA, SARAH, NANCY, NINA, LENA and DIANE - then you'll obviously love this disc. Pick up a copy of "HER NAME IS GINA". While you're there, tell her that the Blewzzman has a suggestion for her. Staying with the format of using her name in the title of the disc, I'm thinking her follow up should be called "SHE'S A FOX"."

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro, Blues Editor,

"Gina has a beautiful voice, writing talent, and intelligence. Who is that lucky guy on the back of the CD?"

Richard Ludmerer, contributing editor, Blueswax Magazine

"Gina has great stage presence and filled up the Turning Point with the warm sultry spice of her singing. She controlled the horizontal; she controlled the vertical. Watch out for Gina. It won't be long before some record company gets her to sign on the dotted line."

" doesn't take long to realize this young woman is already a veteran vocalist. Adaptable and diverse, Fox's vocal stylings cover all the bases on this..."

Richard Skelly, Low-Budget Blues Program WRSU, 88.7 FM

"Gina has really hit her niche, "Her Name is Gina", is her best effort to date."

Rick Estrin, Musician/Songwriter

"In my opinion, which is the only one that counts, an artist makes a sound that is true to them.. to who they are. Thus, their sound is unique and you can easily recognize them through the clatter and din of contemporary music. To find that sound and yourself, is a journey through the heart of some dark spots. Gina Fox is a warrior who is making that fearless journey. Don't miss the chance to listen to this CD!"

Peter Karp, Musician/Songwriter

Real Sounds From The Workplace The following are the Top Five most often listened-to recordings in the BluesWax offices this week, May 1, 2008 (in no particular order): 1. Mike Zito - Today (Electo Groove) 2. Cool Disposition - Buzz Awhile (Self-Produced) 3. Lonesome Dan & the Curmudgeons - Lonesome Dan & Curmudgeons (Self-Produced) 4. Gina Fox - Her Name Is Gina (BackBender) 5. Kelly Hunt - Mercy (88 Records) Release: May 15